There are several ways you can be involved.  In fact you can still register for the game to get the goodie bag complete with jersey even if you can’t attend.  The money does goes to a very worthwhile charity in the end, so your registration fee isn’t really lost.  You can also donate to our silent auction, or just donate to the event.  Cheques would be made out to Superskate AHDA.  (We do ask that you let us know if you are missing a time slot so that we can give another player the opportunity to play)​

We’ve participated in the past and REALLY want to this year, but we can’t because of a pre-planned vacation.  We’re sad because of the date bars on the jersey, names on the t-shirts, and all of that. Can we still be involved?

Yes, you can definitely invite them to join us, give them the information, and start making plans.  They will have the opportunity to register the first week of February where space permits.

Can we invite friends and/or teammates to play in the game?

If you don't find an answer to your question please don't hesitate to contact us.

We can’t take last-minute registrations because of ordering jerseys, printing of brochures, t-shirts, etc. but it’s still OK to register now.  Pick a time that you like, and if it ends up conflicting, we can be very flexbile and have a lot of other options to make it work.

What if we don’t know our schedule because of a hockey tournament that weekend?  Are there late registrations?

Until the end of January, registration will be limited to current Edges skaters and anyone who has previously played in the 24-hour game.  After that, where there is space, we’ll allow outside registrations until the end of February.

When is the deadline for registration?

This has been a huge success for the last couple games!!  Many parents have asked why they can’t play too, so we’ve added this session so parents can get out on the ice and have as much fun as their kids.  We always have some great photo moments from this one!!

What is the Parent & Kid Hour?

Proskate sponsors this game and invites ex-pro players along with media personalities to play against our coaches.  Many of them hang around to sign autographs and even attend the dinner.  Once you’re registered, more information is always coming with updates about the game and who is attending.

What is the Proskate Celebrity Hour?

Similar to the “puck toss” that many hockey teams feature, you make a paper airplane, toss it on the ice, and the closest to the center dot win a prize.  There are both kid and adult prizes, and the paper can be purchased at the front check-in desk leading up to the toss.  All participants are given a free one in their welcome goodie bag so make sure you plan to attend!!

What is the Airplane Toss?

Each child player is allowed a free ticket to dinner, but must be accompanied by an adult.  As you register for the game, you’ll have the option of purchasing dinner tickets as well.  You can also go back into the registration system later to purchase those tickets.

How do the dinner tickets work?


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